Falling higher

In 1994, a young company director, Guibert del Marmol learned that he was suffering from a large brain tumour closely linked to professional stress. Whilst conventional medicine predicted a dark future for him, over the next ten years he developed a different life style, alternative beliefs and other healing methods that enabled him to thwart the purely scientific prognoses. This new outlook has a profound influence on his life as a man and as a director, prompting him to use alternative thinking and bring back the human side, as well as the ideas of meaning and wisdom to the centre of any life or business project.


Falling Higher

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No time to waste

When we open our eyes to the world, only one conclusion can be drawn: we are threatened on every side by an apocalypse.

But this is an apocalypse in the primary sense of the word: a revelation. What our multiple crises reveal to us is that another world, a different world, is possible.
We are at the threshold of a new and crucial Renaissance. All over the world, citizens, businesses and local leaders are initiating a multitude of silent, discreet revolutions. What’s at stake? A planet that is fairer, enduring, and inventive.
No time to waste¬†proposes a new vision of humanity founded on respect, ecosystems and human dignity. In three sections devoted to food and energy self-sufficiency, the emergence of a regenerative economy and the need for education oriented toward creativity, Guibert del Marmol’s work discusses technologies for the future and offers concrete solutions for getting us there. But beyond these, he warns, there has to be a leap in consciousness, both individual and collective. It is possible to combine science and conscience, offering a confident and bright future to generations to come. We have the means to do, but…there is no time to waste!

A compelling book about today’s society and what we must do to move in the right direction



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