From San Francisco to Mumbai, from the Amazon forest to the European countryside, Guibert del Marmol lives with entrepreneurs who change the world and reconcile the notions of economy, ecology and sense.


Today, the former leading businessman works as a mentor, author and speaker specializing in the field of “regeneratingeconomy. Since 2006, he helps managerial bodies, executive boards and shareholders to develop sustainable development based on the principle of shared values. He is active in the areas of innovation, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and responsible investment. Actor and privileged witness of this new economy “refreshing” it reflects the movement that changes our society quietly and transforms our crises into opportunities!


Guibert is also co-director of the Lunt Foundation. The Foundation promotes awareness of « beyond sustainable » solutions to the major societal and environmental challenges of our time. Its mission is to support innovative entrepreneurs grow their contribution to society through paradigm-shifting approaches: advise on communications, assist in strategic evolution, and enhance networks to trigger collaborations and funding.